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About Us

Amazing routes is in reality is an amazing world-class tour operator that provide end-to-end travel solutions by skilled team of individuals. Our expert team endows with assistance right from planning stage till the final stage to enjoy Holiday in Russia. No matter what your needs are we customize all your travel plans and create tailor made holidays, just for you! Our team's profound knowledge of the tourism industry further facilitates us to ensure that not even one hour of your valuable holiday time is washed out. And yes, one more thing, we practice what we promise.

Travel to MoscowWe offer tours to different places, like, Travel to Russia, Moscow Tour , Travel to St. Petersburg and Northern Venice. As a top tour operator in Moscow, we have connection with the top hotels with competitive rates and have tie-ups with top resorts, airlines, and ground transport companies to supply our customers with the best value for their money. We provide Tourist Visa Invitation along with rented cars and car drivers. We provide guide service also for the foreigners who are interpreters and translators.

No need is too small or too difficult while satisfying our clients. Whether it’s booking a car for a day long outing or booking a private suit in a five-star hotel; we take care of it all. So why wait? Contact us and start planning your coming holiday now!